The 8th Annual Hasski Fall Classic Breakdown

Wow what a finish! That’s what everyone’s been saying about the 8th Annual Hasski Fall Classic! In case you live under a rock, let me sum up this years Hasski Classic, THE GREATEST SPORTING EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTING EVENTS since the 1980 Gold Medal match up of USA vs USSR. It had everything drama, controversy, an offensive and disturbing Ed Conley shirt, and the greatest putt in Hasski history. Lets break it down shall we? And at the end don’t forget to fill out our poll, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

The Teams

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Early on after the draft the odds on favorites were Carnival Coral, who had a few new comers and an excellent draft strategy.  However the line changed after we found out that Board Member Kevin Dibo’s broken hand might not be so broken after shooting in the 90s, as a D player a few weeks before the Hasski.  But this is why we play the game.

Team Gray set the tone early with great drives by each member except by Captain Ed Conley, who shanked his, embarrassing. Eddie’s draft strategy paid off once again, focusing on draft the best player available. Here’s Paul Roberson ripping it off the tee.

Eddie’s team once again looked like it was cursing coming into the clubhouse after the first 18 in the lead.  However there was a dark horse that day named Dark Blue led by new comer Nate Kaufman.  They were able to catch up and tie the Gray Team after the second 18 scramble.  Then came the biggest controversy in Hasski history, the Playoff Hole.

After finishing 36 holes tied, Team Gray and Team Dark Blue went to a playoff hole, Scramble style.  Team Gray actually ended up on another fairway but had a clear view of the green.  Team Dark Blue ended up in a bush about 20-30 yards left of the green.  When team Dark Blue took their drop a club length back of the bush with a clear view that only the lefty captain Nate Kaufman had, Team Gray disputed it.  The dispute was that you should not be allowed to get a drop when removing the ball from a bush.  So instead Dark Blue ended up taking a drive from another fairway 100+ yards out.  Jr. Committee member Brian Stanley made the call, when asked for comment he was unavailable.  From there Team Gray put it about 12-15 feet out and team Dark Blue ended up at the end of the green.  And then magic, as Noah Forrest hit the putt of the century.

But did the call to not allow a drop cost Dark Blue the Hasski? Even if they did get the drop they would have still had to birdie 18 to bring it to a 2nd playoff hole.  Either way, what a putt by Noah!  Can’t wait to see what the 9th Annual Hasski Classic has instore!

Tell us what you think about the controversial call?

2 thoughts on “The 8th Annual Hasski Fall Classic Breakdown”

  1. Soucy says:

    You should not be able to improve your lie in a scramble. Yes you get one club length but if you are in the rough the one club length keeps you in the rough, if you are in the bunker the one club length keeps you in the bunker, if you are under a tree the one club length should keep you under the tree. I believe the ruling was correct.

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