Like Lambs to the Slaughter


Lots of fresh faces this year; more so than any other. ¬†They have no idea what they’re in for. Here’s a scouting report on the newcomers:

Mitchell Delgado


Swings with his arms and no legs; also drinks like he has hollow legs

Shawn Arsenault


His golf game is is slighlty below Charles Barkleys, but his drinking game is right up there with the best of them.

Chris Meucci


Irons look like a toothpick in his hands. Hits the ball a country mile. Will it go straight? Only time will tell.

Jon Nessa


Is ready for war.

Silk, a baby’s bottom, a river stone. All adjectives that describe Jon’s swing. Drinking game has the endurance like his drives.

Brandon Gavin


Great off the tee, and putts lights out. Easily affected by peer pressure to have “one more” numerous times.

Marc Toomey


Hits the ball a long way and has a drinking game to match.

Sammy Torrice


Home grown swing and drinking game. Ball flight mimics his lean during shot guns. Starts low left and ends high right but usually finds the short stuff.

Nate Kaufman


Played golf collegiately at Clemson. I don’t think much else needs to be said.

Tim Gearin


What do you think he’s doing with his right hand?

Chip Stanley once dubbed him the “More talented Gearin”. Guilty pleasures have been known to be Bud lights, mind erasers, and Disney.


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